Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timeline jump!

I can't express how excited and terrified I am right now!

After applying to my four year university the admissions counselor for the nursing program told me that there is a more then good chance that I can start the BSN program this August instead of waiting until next year.

So since that day I have been scrambling to find a CNA program I can complete before the fall that will also leave my days this summer open so I can take Intro to professional nursing, and Health Assessment which they require you to have taken before you enter the program in the fall.

So I am so close to FINALLY starting that I'm anxious, nervous, and scared at the same time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Burning Ring of Fire

I feel like I am never going to be finished with this two year college. Last semester I was unable to work a 4 hour science elective into my schedule so I could graduate the two year school. So instead of getting to start at my four year university where i'll be taking the nursing program, I get to take one single class.

That one single class, is.... Physical Geology. Yay. Can you tell how excited I am? I don't want to be at this school anymore, I drive 25 minutes to class, sit there for 50 minutes, and then drive 25 minutes home. My teacher that I wanted and signed up for took emergency leave for upper respiratory problems and will not be back this semester, so I'm stuck with an aging retired USGS employee that really has no idea how to teach a class, and completed his masters in geology in 1959.

On a positive note, I finally get to do something Major related this summer as I'll be taking my CNA course with an eye to have that finished before Fall.

Then, then I will finally be able to begin at my four year school. Wait, thats not it though! I get to take two full semesters of pre-req's at this four year school before I can enter into the nursing program. Granted, I could have forgone the two semesters of credits and attempted to work the 19 credits in while I am in nursing school, but I really didn't want to burden myself with unnecessary course load if I could simply wait a bit before starting nursing school.

It seems like my journey is never going to end, much less start, I'm hoping that I'm just feeling burnt out on my two year school because I know I'm so close to the end.