Friday, May 13, 2011

Wait, what?

I spoke to soon.

Sadly I did not get a straight A semester as I expected. I must have totally bombed my old testament final in order to not get an A in that class. So unfortunately I got a B in that class instead of the expected A.

Monday the 16th I start A&P II, I'm really nervous about taking a class that is this hard in 8 weeks instead of the regular 16 weeks. I feel like I did well enough in A&P I that I can also make an A in A&P II despite the compressed timeline but man, its going to be a lot of work.

I looked over the syllabus and it seems like A&PII is mostly going to be physiology with much less anatomy. Which, for me atleast might be a good thing. I did markedly better on the sections in A&P I that had more "systems" to comprehend and put together then I did on straight anatomy. For instance I did better on cellular metabolism and the nervous system then I did on the skeletal system. (Actually skeletal system was my worst grade all semester, in my defense, my wife did give birth that week! lol)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Finals are done!

My finals this semester were all laughably easy. A&P which I had been dreading being horribly difficult, was the exact opposite and I almost felt like it was a joke given the detail oriented nature of my regular exams in there. The test was multiple choice, and had questions with amazingly obvious answers.

Final grades should be posted soon, should be a straight A semester.

On a personal note, we left for our vacation a few hours after my last exam. One week off before I start an accelerated version of A&P II.

Nerve II Written and Lab Test

Made a 91 and 95 respectively on my last two tests of the semester on Tuesday. This gave me a 104 average going into the final dropping my lowest test grade (a 70).


Monday, May 2, 2011

Cumulative Final

A&P I cumulative final is this thursday. I'm looking back over my notebook for the semester and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. I have a 150page notebook, college ruled, completely full of hand written notes from lecture. How in the world am I going to distill what I've picked up over the course of this semester. Gah!!