Sunday, December 16, 2012


My last post I spoke about being in my CNA class. I've been finished with my CNA class for some time now, CNA clinicals have been completed. I was extremely worried about my CNA state exam, but that too passed without a hitch, and I'm now certified.

I've now also moved on to my four year university, and completed my first semester. I was only able to take two classes due to scheduling conflicts with my CNA course. I was met with somewhat of a surprise at the conclusion of this semester in that despite getting an A in both of the courses I took, my GPA was 3.7756. Come to find out this university uses something called quality points, which since my grade was technically an A- in one of the classes, it directly reflects on my Term and Overall GPA.


That's going to make it very difficult to graduate with Nursing Honors.

Next semester I'll be taking Health Assessment, Intro to professional nursing, Micro, and a "level 2" class that my university makes you take. It's essentially a research class outside of your chosen major. For example, one of the classes I took last semester was a junior level Environmental Science class.

The thing that sucks about transferring to another school for my junior and senior year is that I don't know anyone here to ask about classes! I've no idea what I'm in for with the two nursing classes.