Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mad respect

Since starting my actual nursing classes I've got a lot of respect for those folks in nursing school that still manage to find the time to make regular blog posts. I'm only in two nursing classes (intro to prof. Nursing and health assessment) not horribly hard classes but there is so much material covered that coupled with my other three classes I don't have much free time at all. I also let myself get into kind of a bind. Up until now school has been pretty much a breeze for me, 3.77 GPA with almost no effort. Nursing classes are a whole new ball game, when most of your test is practical application you really have to know your shit. When half of those questions are choose the MOST appropriate, you really really have to know your shit.

So hats off nursing student bloggers! You have more fortitude then I do!

On the personal front, new baby is due in two months! I'm so happy we're having a baby girl. With two little boys in the house it will be an interesting challenge to throw a girl into the mix. It's also going to be a challenge because she will be here exactly two months before I start nursing clinicals!