Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Be present - Be engaged

When I went back to school I never considered the social aspect of the college experience, I was only thinking that I'm in class to learn a topic, and that's it. Now that I've started the program I'm with people that I will likely see more than my family over the next two years so perhaps I should start to consider it. So this semester I've made a much more conscious effort to socialize with folks and form friendships. I've met some really great people so far, and I'm genuinely happy to have made these connections. For the last two years of school during pre-reqs I've always felt like I was on the outside and separate from the rest of the students. This is the first semester that I have felt present and engaged in a much more fulfilling manner then I have been prior.

If I could offer any advice to someone going back to school at an older age it would be to participate fully. Don't think you can't get involved in student unions because of your age, get involved. The younger students really could give two shits that you're older than them.

I just wish I had learned this lesson sooner!

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